Kamis, 02 Desember 2010

Reclaiming Your Inner Child

Remember when you were a child. Everyday seemed to be an adventured filled with laughter and giggles. There was humor all around us. Children laugh 400 times a day up to 4 years old, while adults laugh 15 times a day. Unfortunately, the cares of life weight most of us down. We turn to alcohol, sex and drugs to relive that silly time of our lives. We can reclaim our inner child without the pain of sex, drugs and alcohol.

How does one reclaim their inner child??? First by realizing it is ok to step outside of our sophisticated selves and play. Given our career image, we must uphold it is hard to just play. We develop sophisticated hobbies such as golf, sailing tennis and horseback riding, but do we just wrestle and play? Playtime and laughter keeps us young and joyful. We need play to escape stress, heart attacks and strokes.

Our lack of play explains why Halloween has become the second largest holiday after Christmas. It is one of the few days where it is socially acceptable to dress up in a costume and become whom ever we choose. We can be Spiderman, a gangster, a witch, a bar maid or a goblin all day without strange looks. We can role play and laugh at others who role play with joy and glee. For one day, we can gallivant throughout the neighborhood with the children and grandchildren collecting treats or delivering tricks. We can party and dance all night in our new role. We can play make believe again. It is our day to be a child again.

Let your playtime begin this Halloween. But don’t stop there. Reclaim your inner child at least once a month all throughout the year. The quality of your life and your health will truly improve as your laughter and play grows.

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