Selasa, 28 Desember 2010

Holiday "Ki" Moments: Choosing Your Best Self

"I like to think of myself as an artist, and my life is my greatest work of art. Every moment is a moment of creation, and each moment of creation contains infinite possibilities. I can do things the way I've always done them, or I can look at all the different alternatives, and try something new and different and potentially more rewarding. Every moment presents a new opportunity and a new decision."

--From Creative Visualization, by Shakti Gawain

The Holidays are filled with key moments -- and Ki Moments. Are you ready for them? Gift decisions, company parties, Holiday dinners with friends and family -- they're loaded with opportunities, aren't they? Will the pressure of the moment help you reach peak performance or will you look back later wondering why you did what you did -- again!

When your sibling does something that pushes your buttons, your children are over the top with excitement, your partner forgets the wine, and your associate forgets the most important action item, whatever you do, say, and receive back will be contingent upon what self you choose in that moment.

Give yourself and those you love and work with some unexpected gifts this season:
--The gift of your best self. When the pressure is on, breathe and come back to what you really want -- for this moment, and this relationship.
--The gift of empathy. Give up the fight and acknowledge the pressure that you and they are under.
--The gift of perspective. Laugh, love, let go, and learn.
--The gift of peace. Don't talk about peace, BE peace, in your family, your workplace, your community, and your nation. As Ghandi said, "We must be the change we wish to see in the world."

Ki (from Ai-KI-do) is the Japanese for life energy. Aikido means "the way of blending with energy." How will you extend your life energy this season? How will you receive theirs? It's your choice. Your life depends on it.

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