Jumat, 03 Desember 2010

Learn to Be Self- Confident

Many of us are not satisfied with ourselves, with some particular features of our character or the results of our own deeds. Psychologists refer to such phenomenon as low self esteem. So, why don’t we value ourselves? First of all our self esteem depends on how other people perceive us. We are inclined to base our self esteem on other people’s opinions. It is especially typical of children. Little children are not able to analyze their activity and their confidence depends on adults’ estimation of their behavior. Besides during all our lives we always compare the image of our ideal “ego “with our real “ego“. And if our real “I “is too far form the ideal our self esteem suffers from it. But in most cases thee are no reasons for that, as our ideal image may be too perfect and unreal.

People with low self esteem do not hope for success in their activities and they are more likely to act, just trying to escape from our failures. And even when they attain positive results, they attribute their small victories to external factors (the task was too easy; it was just luck). And the feeling of discontent with themselves is growing dramatically. It is a kind of vicious circle: people cannot achieve success, because they are dissatisfied with themselves and on the other hand, they are dissatisfied with themselves because they have never managed to succeed. We should remember that every success starts with your self confidence, with the belief that you will achieve what you intend to do.

To improve your self confidence I’ll share an efficient exercise with you. You are expected to make a list of positive features of your character (not less than forty). I know that it is not that easy. But you are not limited for time and you may write when you wish to. Once the list is completed, you are to enrich it with new strong points of your nature every day. Soon, you will see that such a person as described in the list surely deserves respect and you will like him/her.

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