Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Test Your Personality - Are You Obsessed With Your Body?

The age of meterosexual men is here. Gone are the days with men used to enjoy feel like a cowboy. The cosmetic companies have a bigger market in men than women. It has all to do with the new man's obsession with his body. He wants to look clean, young and smart in a different way. Don't think women are behind. The days when a dash of foundation and some lipstick were enough to look good are gone long ago. Today it is the latest anti aging creams, anti wrinkle therapies and what not. Test yourself now and find out if you are one of them?

Let us begin from the body. We all want to look good. No body wants to age. No wrinkles are acceptable. No spots are permitted. Why? Are we all known only by our bodies? Look back at the history and think of your heroes. Do you remember anything about their bodies, except how they looked or their deeds? The greatest men and women of history were quite ordinary looking, and I wonder if any of them had any time to look after his/her beauty.

This all has to do with our priorities. If you test yourself about your priorities, what comes first - To look good or to do a good deed? If you take a quick survey, you will be amazed at the results. Body has taken the first priority. To look good, to dress up with the latest designer clothes and to show off the latest accessories is the law of the day. Every man wants to build muscles, get pedicures and manicures done, go through facials and every woman is searching for that bottle of magic that will always keep her looking young. Please test yourself about your personality and find out if you are obsessed with your body. Look at the results and give a deep thought about the legacy you will leave behind.

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