Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Personality Test - Are You A Sports Car?

All of you have watched sport cars. They go on a predetermined course at a great speed, taking sweeping turns and demolishing anything that comes on the way. if there is a big obstacle, the sports car will meet with an accident itself. The only objective of such a car is to travel as fast as possible and leave others behind in the race.

Do you behave like a sports car? Deciding about your home and work schedule in the morning and then completing every work one after another at the greatest speed possible. To accomplish all the pending work as soon as possible is the only objective of such people. Are you one of these? If they are walking towards their office block, they will not walk slowly absorbing scenes around, but walk swiftly, get in to elevator, occupy the desk and begin working to complete everything one after another.

Precision work at the highest speed is the main characteristic of such people. Even if they to watch a movie, they will watch it clinically and walk out. They enjoy nothing except the thrill of being first in the race of completion. Do such people ever enjoy life? Do you think that such a person will ever walk in a garden leisurely enjoying the flowers, sit on a bench and look around? That sounds impossible.

We are human beings and not machines. We need to relax, enjoy, savor life, meet people, relate and work. Work is not the only object of our life. Why not change yourself to a slow moving luxury sedan?

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