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Help For Stuttering

For people who have fluent speech, it is hard to imagine what it must be like for people who stutter.

Going through life with a speech impediment is quite difficult, and at times the stutterer would appreciate a little more compasion.

After overcoming a stutter myself, I asked some of my friends, how they thought life was like, having a severe stutter. I had quite a few different responses, some of which annoyed me.

Jim said:

"I always thought that you felt a bit sorry for yourself and you made out that your stutter was some huge disasterous problem. It's not like you couldn't talk at all, is it?

I also felt at times that you lacked courage, for example always asking Tony to order your drinks for you."

Paul then gave his opinion:

"I found it quite funny that at times you would be talking really well, but within a few minutes you couldn't get a word out."

Ashley joined in:

"I felt a bit sorry for you, seeing you struggle, was quite painful to watch."- This was a better comment!

Nigel, another friend:

"I am glad that I don't stutter, but what I think you needed to understand was that you were not the only one with issues and problems. I am extremely impressed that you have managed to overcome it though."

I was annoyed mostly by the comments from Jim, and responded:

"So you think to have a stutter is not that bad then Jim? OK, I challenge you to go up to the bar and order a pint of lager, but when you order it I want you to stutter on some of the words."

I showed him how I wanted him to say the order, when to stutter etc. I then said:

"After you have stuttered on the words, I want you to see how it feels and to experience the way people look at you. You may then understand a little bit more of what I went through."

Jim declined this challenge, even after a severe amount of prompting and teasing from different members of our group.

Having a stutter is not nice and when someone who has a stutter seeks help, please offer them your full support.

Stephen Hill

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