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Stammering Speech Therapy

Are you somebody who has a stammer? My name is Stephen Hill and I had a stammer problem which started when I was aged four. After suffering with the speech impediment for eighteen years, I then, afer a lot of hard work, managed to achieve fluency. This article is about the types of speech therapy that are available for stammering.

After my stammer developed, my parents decided that I needed to attend some sort of speech therapy. I attended various types of therapy, some in groups, some on a one to one basis. I was given lots of different advice about how to stop stammering. These are some of them:

slowing down the speed of my speech

costal breathing

prolonging each word or sound

taking a deep breath before I started speaking

I had started in the class which is sometimes referred to as preschool stammering. I was very young to attend stammering speech therapy and my parents were reassured that most people who stammer in childhood soon grow out of it. Well for whatever reason, I was one of those who continued well into my adult life.

I grew older and then joined the class known as childhood stammering. I continued to attend speech therapy and joining in with their speech therapy activities and their speech therapy games. This had little effect on my fluency and it has to be stated, that I really did not want to attend these anti stammering sessions. This was because I felt that the people who were trying to help me, did not really understand what I was going through, as they had never actually had a stammer themselves.

I then progressed to the class called, adult stammering. I now decided that speech therapy was not really working for me and seeked alternative stammering therapy.

I decided to try my own form of stammering self help. Even though I had a stammer, at times I could talk very well. As an example when I was drunk, I spoke superbly. This was possibly because of the additional confidence the alcohol seemed to give me.

After nearly a year I managed to overcome stammering and eradicate the stammer once and for all. As a career I now help other people to stop stammering.

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