Selasa, 11 Januari 2011

Simple positive self talk

Doing positive self talk is not as hard as others would think. Positive self talk can be done by anybody who wants to apply the principle, it will only take just a few minutes in a day then achieve remarkable results after some time.

Positive self talk will not require you to do all those complicated stuffs including uber-science chanting of a mantra, it doesn't even require you to be cheerful or enthusiastic all day. Experts have demonstrated that positive self talk only require a few minutes to seconds of your daily time.

Positive self talk in its exact and simple meaning is the act of affirming positive thoughts and emotions from one's mind which results to inner peace. Some people even claimed that this inner peace manifests in the real world via getting rich or having healthy relationships.

Positive self talk when a person just happens to be at a deep inner peace with himself. It is a natural phenomena transferred to a person's deep subconscious mind and for some reason the subconscious mind on its own intellectual power takes this feeling up and transfer the message to the universal creator and then manifests itself into the material world

A powerful and effective step in positive self talk is meditative relaxation. This simple and often neglected technique can done by simple sitting in a chair or floor and then listening to cool and relaxing music, or by performing any relaxation exercise. The main task of positive self talk is clearing up all negative thoughts in one's mind so by putting someone in a relaxed state of mind all negative thoughts are eliminated from one's mind and such state will put someone in a positive mood. After some time those positive feelings will find their way to manifest in reality

Another technique for positive self talk is what we call Affirmations. This widely accepted technique is done by affirming positive statements to your self. These affirmations when made, are capable of achieving outstanding results especially if they are repeated often as the situation demands and if the affirmation is supported with positive thoughts.

Some examples of affirmations are:
-Everyday is getting better.
-I am a winner
-I am slowly becoming successful

Just as meditative relaxation the positive messages/affirmations in your mind will somehow manifest themselves into reality

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