Selasa, 28 September 2010

Severe Stutter

Stutter or stuttering can have a dramatic effect on somebodys confidence.

Fluent people really can not comprehend how hard it is to live your life with a speech impediment or stutter.

I run one to one speech courses in Birmingham and one of my clients once told me about a situation he was involved in. He and his friends went to a bar one Saturday afternoon to have a few drinks. After a couple of pints he went up to the bar to order himself a drink. Unfortunately he could not speak all of the words fluently and the bar man accused him of being drunk and refused to serve him. He tried to explain that he was not drunk but had a stutter but the bar man said "That's what they all say"

He returned to his friends who asked him where his drink was. He told them what had happened, this itself was very embarressing.

This is a typical situation people who have a stutter find themselves in.

Stuttering can affect many aspects of a persons life including:






Now that I have overcome a stutter it is like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and life is so much easier.

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