Kamis, 30 September 2010

Quiz- Do You Believe That You Are Unique?

Do you know that you are a unique person? Do you believe that? Or you think that you are one of the billions in the world? Do you appreciate your unique qualities? Do you know about your true potential? Let us quiz and find out.

Quiz- do you know that you are unique? All of us are unique. No face is same as any other face in the world. No fingerprints are same as other fingerprints. You are a unique person with qualities that are not with others. You are truly a unique person. Please remember that at all the times.

Quiz- do you appreciate your unique qualities? You have some unique qualities. It is seen that all of us recognize the uniqueness of others, but cannot recognize our own qualities.
Why not make a list of all your qualities. Separate out the qualities that you think can be further developed and help you achieve more in life. For example, you might be a good speaker. Have you ever considered becoming a professional in that? You may be a good painter, or a carpenter, or a good designer and so on. The point is to recognize that and develop a quality that can help you reach high in life with that.

Quiz - your ambitions. Please write down your goals, think about them. Are you aiming to reach very high or your goals are very moderate? Please revise your goals. Make them realistic but raise the bar high. Unless we extract our full potential to reach high goals, how shall we achieve great feats in life?

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