Minggu, 01 April 2012

The Meaning of Friendship

Even if your life is perfect and everything is running like clock work, one day you still may get into trouble or there will be a problem that you will not be able to solve yourself. What you do is call a friend, a person whom you can always rely on. He will never betray you and your secrets, never lie, never deceive. Once you have no way out and problems seem to surround you like enemies, your mind goes blank and the only desire you have is to hide your head in the sand and pretend that you don’t hear or see what is going on. And than he comes, the rescuer, a fresh mind and a strong hand to pull you out to the surface and help you to face your problems. But does your friend correspond to that description?

You are surrounded by a lot of people daily, who claim to be your friends. You spend much time with them thinking of them as friends. But when it comes to help or advice they all seem to disappear, to evaporate suddenly after leaving you with a thousand made up excuses. You feel deceived and have no idea of what to do. Then a thought dawns on you that in your phone book there is still a number of an old friend of yours that you haven’t seen for years now. You know that if you call him and ask for help, he’ll wake up in the middle of the night, lean you all his money, give shelter even he has a family of six to keep. He helped you out in high school studies, provided term paper help, covered your back when you had some of your crazy affairs and never complained when he had been getting in trouble for his help. Being good in writing custom term papers he always seemed to fail his work to try his best to do your work. But there is also strange thing you remember; you didn’t really appreciate all his efforts to help you. They were so numerous that you started to take them for granted and didn’t even pay attention to what had been done for you. It was so weird to see that somebody was ready to help you out of willingness to make your life better, that it was hard to believe that it was so.

Than it was an inseparable part of your friendship. If you are a friend you have to give, do, make and so on. Friendship turned into an exploitation of a person who cares about you. Meanwhile you continue to have fun and relax with others and leave all the difficult things on your friend’s hands. Than suddenly you’ve stopped communicating. After all these years of true friendship your friend disappeared and there was no sign of him for a long time. “Oh well, that wasn’t a big loss”, you think, and continue to live not even trying to find out what has happened. And now you are making a poor show every time you try to improve the situation. There is nobody beside you and you burst into curses, thinking about liars that surround you now. You dial a number of an old friend with shaking hand and pray for him to be there for you. You hear a familiar voice and start explaining, and ask to forgive at the same time. The situation goes back to normal. You feel that everything is going to be alright; your friend is coming to save the day. A minute later you sit in the kitchen drinking coffee and look in your friend’s wise worried eyes. At one moment you turn into a normal person from the idiot. Now you have your friend in your life again.

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