Kamis, 05 Januari 2012

In Due Time

Unfortunate events happen to people everyday. It is unavoidable, beyond our control, and utterly heartbreaking. According to statistics, road collisions or car accidents cause more deaths compared with air or sea accidents. Car accidents happen when a vehicle crashes into another car, on road blocks, or when it suddenly goes out of control due to car maintenance problems. There are a lot of reasons why car accidents take place. Of course, people accidentally crash their cars due to certain circumstances such as slippery roads or something that could have been prevented like excessive intake of alcohol. Drinking alcohol while driving would really increase the driver’s possibility of having a car accident. Driving when a person is sleepy could be really dangerous too, since the driver does not have his full attention on the road, making it more dangerous for himself and for the other surrounding vehicles as well. Sometimes even when talking on the mobile phone, this may distract the driver from incoming vehicles, or when the driver nears down to a stoplight. A lot of external factors can also be considered as causes of car accidents. Reckless driving of a nearby vehicle, slippery roads, wrong road blocks, malfunctioning stoplights, and weather problems are regarded as dangerous when driving a vehicle. Some car accidents can turn out to be not too serious, leaving the car with just a dent or two at the front. Unfortunately, some fall into serious car tragedy, causing not only major injuries but even death. Most of these victims have left their family members devastated. The survivors of these car crashes often fall into a period of depression and severe trauma. During this very tough state of unbalanced emotions and hard acceptance, people have been getting help in any way they can. Family members that have lost their loved one(s) may seek for anti depression medications, just to relieve the pain that they feel every time they think of what had happened. But these kinds of medications would not really work for a long period of time. This would only make the person more dependent on the medication, making it useless at the end. Family therapy is always seen as a positive way to overcome such a fateful event. By talking to a certified therapist, one could relieve his or her feelings and troubles through constant interaction. Emotional healing is the most important factor in order to ease the pain and to lighten up the victim’s way of thinking. Sometimes, it is important to allow the survivor to grieve and pass through the stages of denial, anger, sadness, and acceptance. The process of grieving is crucial to preparing the survivors to move on. On a personal note, emotional healing can be done without the help of a therapist. Coping with a loss of a loved one is hard but emotional healing would really help in getting the person’s life back on track. It would help your self, and by taking life in a positive way, one would realize that life still goes on.

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