Minggu, 24 April 2011

Thoughts On Thinking

Thinking. What does thinking mean? It means reflecting upon and analyzing the different aspects of a situation or a condition or any issue. This needs time. How many of us think? Why should we think? What are the issues about which we should think? If you are a medical professional, do you need to think about politics? If you are a computer professional, do you need to think
about stars? If you are a housewife, do you need to think about the petroleum prices around the world?

Our thinking

What should be our areas of thinking? Do not many of us waste time by thinking about issues that don't touch their life at all? We are all given limited time during a day. We only have 24 hours and we have to manage time in such a way that we get maximum results that help us. Getting results in areas that don't help us, are of no use. Same applies to thinking. The
question- what should I think about needs an answer to - What are my priorities in my life. If this year, my priority is to get a promotion then I need to think about the ways I can get it. If this year, my child is getting into a college, my priority is to know more about college life and think of ways to make him more comfortable in the college and help him get better results. Everyday, we know about our priorities and we have to direct thinking towards that. For example, you may love thinking about astronomy. But if your spouse is in the hospital fighting a bad disease, your priority is to learn more about that disease and think of ways to make your spouse recover faster.

Breaking old patterns

Many of us have developed patterns of thinking and we don't get away from these patterns even when required. This is wrong. We have to think about what we should think. That is our first job. And to know about that, we have to have life goals, divide them in small time frames and achieve them one after another. Our thinking has to help us doing that.

What should we think about?

Thinking about issues that lead to a happier life for us and help us achieve our goals is the correct way of thinking and investing time in that. To invest time thinking about poverty in the world, if we are ourselves running short of money will not help anyone. But if we think about the ways we can make more money, that will help us surely.

Give some thoughts on where you should apply your thinking towards, and be successful in what you do.

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