Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

Life And Sharing

Life is very precious. We take every day as if it does not matter. Most of us do that. Ask a terminal patient, who has been given only few days to live and you will realize the way we all spend our lives without truly valuing it.

Think of your own life. Imagine that you will be die after a week, strongly imagine that and watch your thinking. Your priorities will undergo a very big change. Your first priority may no longer be to finish that office report, but call up few friends and sharing your thoughts with them. Make a list of what all you would wish to accomplish in the next seven days, before you die. You will be surprised at your own list. You will realize the difference between important and urgent immediately. All the urgencies will become secondary and all the important tasks will become primary.

Most of our urgencies relate to small things in our life, but they eat away our vital living. Coming back to the title of this article - sharing, what is it? Watch few married couples, or few couples in love and observe the differences amongst all of them. At one end, you will find couples who share even the smallest incident and detail, who love to tell each other about everything and at the other end, you will find couples, who are not able to open up to each other at all. They keep most of their life to themselves and go through the relationship quite mechanically. Keeping every problem, every emotion and every thought to themselves, the partners do not talk to each other about anything other than what is needed to carry on life. This is a waste of life and this is a waste of a relationship. This kind of life gives no real inner satisfaction. It is a very lonely existence with a pretense of living together.

Life is valuable and it has be enjoyed deeply. For that, a couple has to be so open to each other that each one should know everything about the other. Have you read about twins? You must have. They behave similarly and think similarly. A couple may not be able to reach that level of sharing, but surely somewhere close to that. The problem with most of us is simple - we are all running after a mirage. A mirage of happiness. We believe that more money, more success, more technology and more of everything will gives us more in life. The reverse is true. Living is beyond all this outer paraphernalia. Living means sharing and being truthful to oneself and to each other. Only that living satisfies. Begin thinking that you will die after seven days and start writing about what all you would like to do in this period to get some satisfaction while dying. Your priorities will change dramatically. Please do this and find out what is that in life, which makes your existence vibrant.

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