Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Handicapped Can change our attitude.

Unhappy people -

Unhappiness is part of life for many of us. For some of us, it seems that difficulties are way of life. To get happiness in this world looks impossible at times? How to improve the quality of our life and get happiness?

Handicapped People -

Let us compare our lives with many of our friends who are handicapped.
What about the blind persons of the world? Imagine their life for a moment.
They see no colors, no shapes, no faces, no sunrises, no sunsets, no steps, and no clouds. They see nothing but darkness. What a life it must be? Can you imagine the pain?

What about people without hearing? No music, no words, no sounds of laughter. People without hands? Can not type on a computer like we do everyday. Can not lift anything. Can not wash themselves. Can not defend themselves.

How handicapped can help us?

Thinking about the handicapped people of the world will make us more aware of our assets. This will make us count more of our blessings and less of our difficulties. Rather than thinking about our own problems at all the times, if we try to do something that can improve lives of handicapped people that may inspire us to achieve more. That can improve our self esteem. That can make us thank God for all the blessings. Let the handicapped inspire us to live a richer life. Let us not feel depressed by thinking of what we don't have, but get inspired by thinking of all that we have! Let us change our attitude.

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